Inspection & Verification

Inspection and Verification


At GMP, we have a team of experts ready to undertake inspection and verification as per our clients requirements.


GMP offers commercial and technical inspection services to capture both quality and quantity services. Our inspections are operated within the framework and ethics of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 (conformity assessment -requirements for te operation of various types of bodies performing inspection)and that makes our modus operandi. We do carry inspection services for both imports and exports.


By employing an independent inspection and testing entity, quality concerns will be identified and controlled at source. In your absence, who can you rely on to monitor the entire quality related process? That is where GMP Services Ltd comes in. GMP services provides independent third-party inspection and testing services.GMP inspects products and processes on your behalf at all stages from sourcing factories, through the manufacturing process, to delivery and storage.


Regardless if you are an importer, wholesaler or retailer you cannot afford to be dealing with sub-standard consumer goods. You need to protect both your costs and reputation.


That is why at GMP we offer independent product  inspection and verification services throughout the supply chain  from testing of raw goods and random spot checks to factory audits and supervision of final loading to storage facilities.